My research spans Distributed Computing & Networking and Social Computing. Current research projects include developing system-level support for edge computing, building socio-technical systems to empower environmental justice communities, strengthening democracy through technology, investigating cybersafety issues in social networks, and multi-player online game analytics. In the past, he has conducted extensive research in the areas of mobile group recommendations, cyberbullying in social networks, misbehavior detection in online video chat systems, secure and intrusion-tolerant sensor networks, delay-tolerant networking, and group communication systems.


My research has been funded by several grants from federal agencies (National Science Foundation, Department of Defense, Air Force Office of Scientific Research), grants & fellowships from various university sources, and grants & gifts from various industries (Lockheed Martin, Amazon, Nokia, Microsoft, IBM, Chatroulette and Mellon Foundation).







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mishras at cs dot colorado dot edu

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Pervasive Personalized Intelligence: PPI Center: NSF Industry University Cooperative Research Center

Social Justice & Environmental Quality-Denver: NSF Smart & Connected Community Project

The CU CyberSafety Research Center

Department of Computer Science

University of Colorado Boulder





Hate speech in Arabic social media

Cyberbullying in social networks

Misbehavior Detection in online video chat

Multiplayer Online Games


Players purchase behavior and prediction

Churn prediction

Players personality and their online game interactions


Edge Computing


Pervasive personalized intelligence

Container orchestration

Intercontainer communication & synchronization

Edge computing middleware

Serverless computing at the edge

Edge AI

Socio-Technical Systems


Planned disruptions

Environmental justice communities

Health and social well-being





Democracy & Technology


Impact of misinformation by bots

Critical thinking

Pervasive Mobile Computing


Pervasive Personalized Intelligence

Mobile group behavior

Context aware computing

Social fusion

Power management