System Support to Build Context Aware Applications at the Edge


The vision of edge computing is to push the frontier of computing applications, data, and services away from centralized nodes to the logical extremes of a network. In Internet of Things and smart city environments, context is king. Edge computing enables an efficient computation of highly accurate context by introducing middle-tier compute servers much closer to the end users and integrates computing and communication technology with sensors, actuators, wearables, smartphones and end users.







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IUCRC: Pervasive Personalized Intelligence

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Our research on edge computing seeks to identify a set of core system level micro-services needed to build context-aware distributed applications at the edge, investigate systems and algorithmic challenges in the design and implementation of these micro-services, and build a systems framework that exposes these micro-services to the edge application developers in an accessible, well-integrated manner. A key feature of our research is that it incorporates humans in the loop, both as data generators and data consumers as well as service providers and service consumers. Guiding IoT applications for our edge computing research include augmented reality at the edge and smart agriculture.




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